Residential Child & Youth Care Professional Certification

Exam Instructions

For Trainers - registering yourself as a trainer

  1. Go to site:
  2. Click on Register under Trainer.
  3. Enter information in all fields. You are asked for home address information here and will enter agency information once you are in the system. This will allow us to keep records that will follow you if you change agencies. (Note: all fields are required information and must be completed to proceed.)
  4. You will get an e-mail when your status as a certified trainer has been verified.

For Trainers - registering your trainees

  1. When you receive the e-mail, click on the link within the e-mail to log on to select the agency for which you train. (Note: This information is important as you will be able to only view participants for agencies in which you are affiliated.)
  2. Select an agency from the list and verify the contact information for your agency. If your agency is not listed please contact Margaret Miranda, (918) 660-3756 or
  3. Instruct your trainees to register or you may register them yourself.

For Trainers - enter clock hours for Trainees

  1. Log in and click on training certification.
  2. Click on the drop down and select the correct participant name. (Note: Participants must register as trainees before their clock hours can be entered; see instructions for trainees below.)
  3. Once the trainee has completed the appropriate training hours, and payment is received, an e-mail will be generated to the trainer and trainee with the username for the test.

For Trainers - re-set Trainee ID

  1. If your trainee experiences computer difficulties and needs to reset his/her trainee ID, log into the system and click on the Trainee Reset Page. You will need their user ID to reset the system. The user IDs for trainees under you will be listed under a drop-down; be sure to choose the correct one.
  2. Provide the reason for resetting the ID in the comments box and submit.

For Trainers - the exam

  1. Trainees should not have access to notes or course materials
  2. All trainees do not have to take the exam at the same time
  3. Trainees should be supervised during the exam.

For Trainees - registering yourself

Make sure your Trainer has not already registered you. If so, once you have completed the course and NRC has received payment you are ready to take the test.

If you are registering yourself, go to site:

  1. Click on Register under Trainee.
  2. Complete all fields and select your agency from the drop down. If you have a question about which agency to select, verify this with your trainer.
  3. Hit submit the first time to populate the address for your agency. Once the address appears and it is correct, hit submit again to complete registration.

For Trainees - taking the test

You will be sent an e-mail to the address you list when your training hours are logged in as completed and NRCYS receives payment for your testing.

Once you receive your log in ID to take the test, follow these instructions very carefully. You may only take the test twice on your user ID so do not begin to take the test unless you have at least TWO HOURS to complete it. If you experience difficulties and need to reset your testing ID, check with your trainer. (Note: you must have JavaScript enabled on your web browser to take the test. This is usually a default setting.)

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