Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life of our nation's youth and their families by improving the effectiveness of human services.

The National Resource Center for Youth Services at the University of Oklahoma, College of Continuing Education has been resourcing the youth services community for more than twenty-five years, providing training and technical assistance to programs in Oklahoma and nationally.

Take Advantage of Training Nationally and Within Oklahoma

TrainingNRCYS' masters-level trainer/consultants stay up-to-date on trends and practices within and across disciplines. They share ideas and enhance their expertise through their own continuing education and contact with a broad spectrum of youth-serving programs. To benefit your clients and serve your professional needs, you can take advantage of regularly scheduled training courses, contract for a training course at your own facility, or consult with NRCYS about current or new programs or administrative and staffing concerns. We'll even help you plan your next conference or seminar.

As part of the University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education, NRCYS delivers continuing education units for all workshops and conferences. Annually, NRCYS answers 2,000-3,000 information requests, provides referral to at least 300 organizations, and trains between 13,000 and 15,000 human-services professionals.

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Your Needs Are Our Priority

PriorityIf you work with children, youth,or families, your needs are our priority. If we can't give you what you need through one of our own programs at the National Resource Center for Youth Services or the National Resource Center for Youth Development, we'll do our best to help you find it elsewhere.


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