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A Future Near Me - Questions to Guide a Young Adult Toward Self-Sufficiency
A pocket workbook for youth who are thinking about moving out on their own. It includes 100 questions to guide a young adult toward self-sufficiency. It can be used by individuals or groups to stimulate discussion.

Our price: $6.00
A New Beginning: Recovery Workbook - Reproducible Exercises to Help People Overcome Addictive Behaviors
Written for professionals who work with youth or adults overcoming addictions, this book is designed to help users lead effective sessions with easy-to-follow, simply designed activities. All activities are appropriate for teens and adults who are involved in any type of 12-step recovery program.

Our price: $49.95
Abusive Relationships - Crossing the Line
Gina’s strong feelings toward Paul give way to doubt as the relationship progresses. Paul gradually becomes more possessive. Gina’s story is one of courage and awareness, combined with vital information for kids who find themselves in potentially dangerous relationships.

Our price: $89.00
Activities Resource Package for Life Skills Programming
The Activities Resource Package includes three classic and three new publications to cover a wide variety of activities that help youth develop essential skills needed to transition to adulthood successfully. Order one or several sets for your program and save over 10%!

Our price: $152.00
Symptoms, diagnosis, medication, power struggles, keeping things positive, and becoming advocates for children.

Our price: $99.00
Adolescents & Families for Life - A Toolkit for Supervisors
The Toolkit is a unique workbook for professionals who need to guide, train, and supervise staff to insure permanence for the adolescents on their caseloads. The Toolkit breaks down the issue of permanence for teens into 27 short, staff-meeting length teachable units.

Our price: $59.95
Adventures in Peacemaking - A Conflict Resolution Guide for School-Age Programs
Adventures in Peacemaking includes hundreds of hands-on, engaging activities designed to meet the unique needs of afterschool programs, camps, and recreation centers. The activities teach the skills of creative conflict resolution to school-age children.

Our price: $25.95
Aggression Replacement Training - A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth
This classic intervention program is designed to teach adolescents to understand and replace aggression and antisocial behavior with positive alternatives.

Our price: $25.95
All About Me - A Keepsake Journal for Kids
Sometimes the most difficult thing about keeping a journal, especially for children, is deciding what to write about. This remedies the problem with "thought-starters" such as "What qualities do you look for in a friend?" and "List five things that make you happy."

Our price: $12.95
Apartment Hunt
Finding the right apartment will never be easier. This step-by-step animated curriculum goes through the entire process, from figuring out personal “needs and wants” to visiting an apartment.

Our price: $69.00