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Aggression Replacement Training - A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth
This classic intervention program is designed to teach adolescents to understand and replace aggression and antisocial behavior with positive alternatives.

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Foster Parent College Behavior Management Series
Set of 12 Behavior Management Titles - Multimedia training courses for adoptive, kinship and foster parents. Titles include: ADHD, ADD, ODD; Anger Outbursts; Eating Disorders; Fire Setting; Lying; Reactive Attachment Disorder Running Away; Self Harm; Sexualized Behavior; Sleep Problems; Stealing; Wetting & Soiling; Kinship Care; Positive Parenting I, Positive Parenting II, Positive Parenting III, and Safe Parenting.

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In Control - A Skill Building Program for Teaching Young Adolescents to Manage Anger
You can employ this user-friendly manual to teach effective anger management skills to middle school students. Especially beneficial for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

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Safe Parenting
Treatment plans, state regulations, development vs. actual age, trauma history, more.

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Strategies for Anger Management
This 100-page, reproducible spiral workbook is the practical tool all educators have been waiting for to help teens handle anger in healthy ways. Covers such areas as: understanding anger, interventions for anger management and conflict resolution, and the differences between anger and abuse.

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The Kid's Guide to Working Out Conflicts Leader's Guide
The Leader's Guide brings the student book, The Kid's Guide to Working Out Conflicts, into the classroom or group with lesson plans and reproducible handout masters.

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